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Laurie Piton’s Photography Class

Learn To Fix Your Digital Pictures With Adobe PhotoShop CC - ADVANCED

Have you been using PhotoShop CC for a while now? Do you want to get more creative with your photo editing? Discuss and learn how to correct for blur from your subject. Learn how to make a photo larger without losing quality or detail. Use all the tools you learned in PhotoShop CC - Beginners and make OUTSTANDING PHOTOS!  Add items to your photos, remove items from your photos, move around items, distort and reshape items in your photos. 

Learn to tint your own photos for SOCIAL MEDIA the way you would like them tinted and add text or watermark. Replace bland skies with blue skies. Retouch skin. Add grass where it is missing. Change colors of an item.  Add a loved one into another photo of your choice.


Class offered for 5 weeks, 1 hours per week. 

Laurie Piton’s Photography Class     708-349-8970