Creative Imagery, Inc.

Laurie Piton’s Photography Class

Since 1991, Creative Imagery, Inc. has been offering photography programs to students in a friendly, casual atmosphere. My classes have equal part instruction and hands-on experience utilizing my experience of on-location assignments to aid  students in real life photographic situations.

Courses include: Digital Photography, Digital Photography and Using the Computer, Advanced Digital SLR Photography, and Composition. Visit the Experiences Page for descriptions of the listed courses.

Sharpen Your Photography Skills

I will teach you how to photograph in Black and White, Master your D-SLR.  Understand your point and shoot camera, Learn to be Creative with Composition and Lighting, and Masterfully Edit pics in Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC.

Laurie Piton’s Photography Class     708-349-8970